Monday, August 18, 2008

Royal Gorge, good times and SNOW!!!

Hi everyone!! We had a great weekend!! Kate, Guy, Nick, Gabrielle, Scott and I left on Friday for the Royal Gorge. We had a cabin at the Jellystone Park in Canon City, just down the road from the Royal Gorge. This is a great place for kids!! There are hay rides with Yogi although it rained the whole weekend so we couldn't take advantage of this. They do have a kid movie every night, they had a clown doing face painting and a little carnival. This was the view from our cabin, not too shabby!!Here's Scott and Gabs outside the cabin. We got there mid-day on Friday and just explored around the campground, grilled dinner and lit our campfire and had smores.

Kate and Guy, you can't tell from the picture but this is outside around the campfire. Nick standing on a big rock while it rains.

Me and my very handsome nephew. The next day it was on to the Royal Gorge. Let me explain to you that I am scared of heights. Maybe terrified is a better word. I do go across the bridge but it's in the middle, I look just in front of me, walk very fast and don't move out of the way for anyone. I probably appear very rude but if I move out of the middle and see how high I am I would puke. Here are some pictures of the others actually enjoying the bridge... (Kate had my camera)

As you can tell, it was cold and rainy.
This is looking down at the Arkansas River under the bridge. We were able to see some buffaloes, elk and big horn sheep, of course they were behind a fence.The rain stopped and the clouds cleared long enough for Scott and Guy to ride the Sky Coaster. Kate and I did make sure their life insurance policies were paid up to date!!Here they are strapped in and getting raised up. They then released themselves and flew out across the gorge!!! They reach speeds of 50mph doing this crazy thing!!
Yes, that's them!! INSANE!!!!

We then took the vertical train down the side of the mountain and that's the bridge up above us. Amazing!! We also went thru their old west town, rode the carousel and train and just had a great time. We went back to the cabin and went to the carnival, had dinner and had another fire. The fire didn't last long, it started pouring again and it was cold!! Sunday morning we had breakfast and packed up. We decided to go up Pikes Peak mountain on the way home. Well, we couldn't go all the way up, there was too much snow, the road was closed at mile 13. We went up as high as we could and there was SNOW!! I love Colorado, where else do you see snow in August???The view on the way up... beautiful!!Scott and I on the way up Pikes Peak.Nick and I in the SNOW!! Hope you all had a great weekend, we sure did!! Next weekend will be another great one!! My BFF from junior high, Jami, her husband Nathan and daughter Gabbi are coming to visit!! We can't wait to see them!! Come on Thursday!!!


Kate said...

That was an awesome trip. I can't wait till next year. Great pics

Jami said...

SNOW!?!?!?! Can you make it snow while we are there????? I miss the snow! You big chicken get out there and look over the edge - it's fun! hehe!!!!!