Monday, August 4, 2008

Here it is... our blog!!

Welcome to our blog!! We are excited you're following along on our journey to Laila. We thought we'd do a quick update on those you know and love and will be hearing alot about!!

Here we are, the parents to be!! We've been happily married for 7 years and not an itch in sight!! We are thrilled that we will be blessed with our beautiful little girl from China and can't wait to meet her!! We are already head over heels in love with Laila!!

This is Mia, our crazzzy puppy!! She's hysterical!! We've never met a dog with a personality like hers. She is excited for her little sister, it will mean more faces to lick and more toys to chew on. Mom and Dad can hardly wait!!

This is Zoey, our sweet doggie. She's a big lover and if you're anywhere around her you will somehow end up petting her. It's amazing how she makes that happen, maybe with your foot, leg, whatever, she doesn't care but you will pet her, she makes sure of that!! She is daddy's girl so it will be interesting when daddy has a new girl!!


Jami said...

YAY!!!! :) I LOVE it! You did a great job setting it all up with pics and music and everything!

kris said...

Found you through your post on the waiting child CCAI yahoo group.. your blog looks great and welcome to Blogville :O) Your fur babies are adorable!