Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jami's Photography!!

Jami is a photographer, did I forget to mention that?? I have a few of the pictures she took of us but she will be sending me more. I will post them and the one's of Kate's family. They turned out really good. If you need some good pictures taken and you're in the Houston area, let me know and I will give you her contact information!! She's fabulous and I love the candid pictures and getting them outside instead of sitting in some studio with a staged smile!! She's coming back to see us when we get Laila and taking all of her pictures, I can't wait!!
Here's one she took of us with Gabbi, I love the smiles, not staged, just genuine happiness!! Can't wait to show you the rest of them...
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Amy & Jason said...

Not sure if I am using this blog correct. Give me sometime and I'll figure it out.
Cute picture of all three of you!!!