Saturday, August 9, 2008


This blog is about my Pops... I'm so fortunate that he's my dad!! My biological dad died when I was 5 in a car accident. We lived in Colorado Springs at the time and about a year after the death my mom joined PWP, Parents Without Partners. At one of their social gatherings she met Dennis (Pops) and they married about 9 months later. Pops lived in Boulder, CO, so we moved to Boulder and he adopted my brother and I. I grew up with a wonderful family, a protective big brother and parents who loved my unconditionally and showed that love every day. Now Pops is retired and living in a high-rise condo in downtown Denver. He has a great life and really enjoys himself. Last week Pops' best friend from 2nd grade, Bert, came to visit. Bert lived in San Diego for many many years and recently moved to Scottsdale, Az. Bert came up for a class reunion for Boulder High School last Friday. They had a great time!! They have done various things around town and just really enjoy each others company. One night last week Scott and I went downtown and had dinner with Pops and Bert. I took a few pictures which I will share with you.
This is my Pops!! He is so excited for Laila!! He has grandchildren from his 1st marriage but they live in Germany and he doesn't get to see them as often as he'd like. Laila will be his 1st grandchild he can see on a daily basis and really be part of her childhood and we are so happy about that!! She's gonna have a fabulous grandpa and be one lucky little girl!!
This is Bert. He's really funny and we love him!! Now that he lives in Scottsdale we won't need to stay at a hotel when we go to baseball's Spring Training. Get the spare room ready Bert, we'll be there in March, hopefully with Laila!!

Here's Pops and Bert. They are now in Scottsdale for a few days then will go to San Diego and stay with Bert's daughter for a few more days before Pops flys back home on Thursday. He is then staying at our house and watching his furry granddaughters while Scott and I go to the Royal Gorge with Kate, Guy, Nick and Gabrielle.

Did anyone watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics?? It was magical and so impressive, I was awe-struck!! It's so neat to see all of this happening in Laila's home country and will be fun to see it when we go to China!!

Take care everyone and we'll talk again. Thanks for visiting our blog and don't forget to leave a message, we love to read them!!


Jami said...

The royal gorge?!?!! Man I haven't been there in forever!!! Are you gonna go across the bridge this time? You big scaredie cat!!!

joanna and scott said...

this is a test