Monday, February 22, 2010

We have a new blog!!!

Hi, it's been a long time!!!! We have moved to our new blog and I promise to do better with updating!!! Please come visit us at

See you soon!!

Love, Scott, Joanna and Laila

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home sweet home!!

We got home late last night and Laila is doing really good. She will sometimes accidentally touch or rub her nose and start to cry, I wish I could take her pain for her!! When the doctor took down her old repair he basically cut some of that out so her mouth is smaller and her little fork barely fits so she's only eating with her hands now and tiny bites. We had to start using a bottle again to get her to drink. Her sippy cup's spout wasn't quite long enough, the top of the cup would push against her nose. It wasn't hard to get her off the bottle a few months ago so I think this will be the same, just gotta make sure she stays hydrated. She has arm splints that keep her arms straight so when she sleeps she doesn't accidentally hurt herself. She's such a trooper, she sees me get them off her dresser and she will stick out an arm, when I get them on one arm she sticks out the other arm. She's the best and I love, love, love this little girl!! Shriner's Hospital is amazing!!! Everyone is so friendly and nice. We really felt like Laila got the best care possible. Our surgeon is wonderful!! He stayed in her post-op room for a long time answering all of our questions, we never felt rushed. He's even more sought after for his expertise than we thought, we are so fortunate to have a surgeon like him take care of our little one. We've always seen her as the most beautiful little girl in the world and I've never understood how you can make perfection better but he somehow has. Thank you all for your prayers and love for Laila and our family!!! I will post pictures soon!! XOXOXO Scott, Joanna and Laila

Friday, December 4, 2009

Quick update

Laila's doing really good. She's getting some of her sweet personality back, waving at people and blowing kisses. She's made many friends here. Surgery went well, when they repaired her in China they didn't connect the muscle under her lip so he did that as well. The surgeon said her repair was more intensive than he was expecting but he's happy with the results. He also built the base of her nostrils some and has some nasal stents sutured in place. In 2 weeks we will get those removed. He told me I can do it, I promptly came back to my cell phone, called our pediatrician and made an appointment for him to do it!! Brian, if you're reading this, see you on the 18th!! We are going home tomorrow also!!! We were able to change our tickets and the late flight to Denver from LAX is pretty empty so we can all 5 fly together which is nice. Laila will heal better in her own home and in her own bed. Thank you so much, everyone, for your prayers!!! Will update again tomorrow. XOXO Joanna

Laila's in the operating room

Laila is in the operating room as I type this. Boy, was this a difficult morning!!! Luckily they gave Laila some meds and let us go into pre-op holding. The meds kicked in and Laila actually let the RN carry her back so you know she was drugged. She was giggling and rolling her head around, she will be a funny drunk!! We are so fortunate to have our surgeon, he's the best!! We feel so much better about Laila's surgery after talking to him this morning. The hospital was on lock-down last night until about 10pm. They were putting families in the auditorium in recliners, luckily they didn't have enough recliners for us and a family room opened up with 4 beds in it. Perfect!!! We could all sleep in a bed in a private room with our own bathroom, we were very lucky!!! Scott was with Laila last night in her room which they shared with another family but they didn't have a recliner for him to sleep in so they got moved into a private room!! We are so blessed!! Now we are waiting for our sweet Laila, I can't wait to hold her in my arms!! If all goes well, we can probably head home tomorrow afternoon instead of Monday!! Please keep us all in your prayers, especially Laila!!! XOXO Joanna

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Los Angeles for surgery

Hi everyone,
We got to LA this morning with no problems. Scott, my dad, Scott's parents and of course Laila and I are all here. It's been a long day of waiting around doing alot of nothing!! There was a shooting about 2 blocks away so the entire hospital has been on lock down for the last 4 hours. They can't admit us yet because no patients can leave to free up any beds. They said they would be able to give everyone a place to stay tonight if we don't get off lock down. There's been 2 helicopters flying over the hospital for hours, police at every corner and walking all around and crime scene tape all over. Welcome to LA!!! We did find out our surgeon has decided to do Laila's lip and work on her nose, estimated surgery time of 2.5 hours. She's scheduled at 7am. Scott is staying with her tonight although it looks like we all may be staying. I just hope our surgeon can get in tomorrow morning!! I'm feeling a little better about her surgery, it's still scary and I'm nervous but I know she will be fine. I'm hopeful they will let me go with her to the OR, haven't been able to ask that yet. She's having fun running around here like crazy and playing with her grandparents. They do have wireless internet here but only in the main common area, not where we will be tomorrow. I will update again tomorrow, just not sure when. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love!!! Talk to you soon!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry it's been 3 months since I updated!!!!

Hi... thanks for checking back in with us. Sorry I haven't updated in 3 months, I can't believe it's been 3 months!!! Laila is perfect, we are enjoying every second with her, she's an absolute dream. We do have her palate repair surgery scheduled for November 11th but are still trying to get her into Shriner's Hospital in LA. I've had some medical issues and had major surgery. I then had quite a few complications and have been out of commission for 6 weeks. I'm now finally feeling better and have had alot of people ask for updated pictures of out little missy. I will update more frequently (I promise) but in the meantime, enjoy!!!