Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun weekend with Jami and family

We had a GREAT weekend!! My best friend Jami, her hubby Nathan and their little girl Gabbi came for a visit!! Jami and I grew up together in Boulder but she now lives outside of Houston and I miss her tons. It was great to see her and Nathan again and see how much Gabbi has grown and how smart she is!! They got here on Thursday but Scott and I were working so my SIL Kate met them at the airport, they needed our carseat!! They spent the rest of the day Thursday visiting friends in Boulder. Jami's sweet mom Barb passed away last September and Jami has spread Barb's ashes at different places that had special meaning to Barb. Boulder is one of them. Friday morning Jami, Nathan and Gabbi went to Boulder to spread some of the ashes. They chose a beautiful area up Flagstaff Mountain, it's got beautiful views of Boulder.

Later Friday afternoon we all headed downtown and had dinner with my dad. Jami lived with my family for a year during high school so she's like a sister to me and a daughter to my dad.

Here's the family at Maggiano's in Denver.
Here's Miss Gabbi... she's such a cutie and sweet!! This is Gabriella Ann and my niece is Gabrielle Anna!! Good thing we call her Gabbi!! On Saturday we also went to the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival at Chatfield Lake but I didn't take my camera and I forgot to get some off Jami's camera. I will add those later. They left for home Sunday morning. We were sad to see them go but we're already looking forward to our visit when we get Laila!!

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