Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're home!!!

We made it!!!! We got home yesterday afternoon around 4pm. Laila did well on all the flights, her sleep pattern was a little messed up so she didn't sleep as well as we would've hoped but that may help us get her adjusted to the time change easier. When we landed in Denver we changed Laila into a cute little outfit and got on the train to the main concourse, we were SOOOOOOO excited to see our family. My dad, Scott's parent's, Scott's sister and her 2 kids met us at the airport. They had t-shirts made with our 1st family picture and it said... Laila JeanneLi Van Gieson, Gotcha Day, May 4, 2009. It was really nice. Some people from our flight that got to the concourse before us told them that we were on the way, they recongized us from the t-shirt pictures. When we saw our family, tears just flowed. We did it!! We were back home with our daughter and family, it's the best!! I'm laying in bed with my daughter now, life doesn't get any better. I will post again in a few days, wanted to let you all know we're home. I will add pictures on the next post. Love, Scott, Joanna and Laila


margaretg said...

So very happy the flight was uneventful and you are home happy and safe. Enjoy your beautiful daughter!!

Ash said...

Happy Family Forever to you all. Glad you are home safe; Life is good. Get some rest. :o) :o)
Best wishes,

Teresa =) said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with I anxiously wait to make the trip to China to get Molly, it helped to read about your trip. (I don't know why, but it did.)

When you add pictures with your next blog post, be sure to revise your're not waiting to get your beautiful Laila, you have her and you are a FAMILY!!!!!

Teresa =)

Donna said...

Did you have the perfect trip to China, or what? It even sounds like your flight home was great?! Awesome!! Enjoy those first days of getting time advice is to get out in the sun each day and immediately get on home time. :)

reyfam1994 said...

Welocme home to sunny Colorado! Have a wonderful time nesting with your new daughter. So very happy for you.

MCC 07

Jen & Rob said...

Welcome home!!!!!
Jenny G.

Marion said...

Welcome home ! So glad to hear that the bonding with your precious Laila is going so well .Take it easy over the next few days ..... I am sooo Happy for you and Scott .

Karmen and Greg said...

Welcome home!!!! I so enjoyed following your journey ... what a beautiful family you have. May God give you MANY, MANY years of happiness!

Amy & Jason said...

LOVE the t-shirt idea! I can't wait to see pictures soon.