Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Much Fun!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days but we are having so much fun!!! Laila is a dream!! She's learned her name and responds to it except when she chooses to ignore us. She's learning what "no" means and doesn't like it when we tell her no. She is walking alot now, crawling all over, talking all the time and smiles constantly, which just melts our heart. She giggles alot too, it's so stinking cute I can't hardly stand it!! We are in Guangzhou now, staying at the famous White Swan. Our last few days in Zhengzhou were uneventful, we got Laila's passport and immunization records. She did good on the flight but there was way too much to look at for a nap so she played and played and played some more. I think that 12 hour flight back to the states is gonna seem like 24 hours!! We are really enjoying our time here in Guangzhou. We are no longer stared at like we have 3 heads. We feel very safe and comfortable here, there are alot of American's with their adopted Chinese children here, everyone that adopts internationally has to come to Guangzhou, so everyone that has adopted in China in the last week is here. Where we stay in Guangzhou, Shemian Island, is beautiful. It's right on the Pearl River, we eat breakfast every morning over looking the river and all the boats. Tomorrow night, Monday, we're doing a dinner cruise on the river. Today we went to a Buddist Temple, very ornate and pretty. We then went to the Chen House and saw alot of embroidery, bone and jade carving, all very intricate and beautiful. Tomorrow morning we have Laila's medical exam and get her pictures taken for her Visa. We've done some shopping, in fact Laila is walking around the room right now in her squeaky shoes, just laughing with every step. She is the best baby, we are so in love it's incredible. If anyone told me I could love her this much I'd say there's no way, but she's amazing. Her latest game is peek-a-boo, she will put the cloth over her face and ours. She definately knows we are mom and dad. Our guide held her today for about 30 seconds and she lost her mind, reaching out for us and crying so that's a great sign that she's bonded with us. She's seems to respond appropriately when we ask where's mommy or where's daddy. Today Scott went into the bathroom and Laila was playing with some toys, happy as can be. I asked her "where's daddy?" and she crawled over to the bathroom door and started banging on it with her toy. It's so cute. Also, today was my 1st Mother's Day and it was great. I'm so thankful I have this beautiful little girl to call my daughter. It's amazing. Today when I was holding her she leaned into me and touched her lips to mine. She doesn't make the kiss sound but I think that's exactly what she was doing. It brought tears to my eyes. Anyway, I'd better go, just got the little one to bed and now it's my turn. I will try and post tomorrow about our busy day. Enjoy the pictures. There's one of Scott eating a chicken's foot, lots of the buddhist temple and Chen house and some more of this adorable little girl. Love from Guangzhou!!


Katie said...

Happy first Mother's Day! Enjoy the rest of the time in China, and your trip home with your daughter! I am really so happy for you!

Marion said...

Happy Mother's Day ! How wonderful you get to celebrate your first Mother's day in Guangzhou .

Stacy and Jon said...

Your post reads almost exactly like an e-mail I sent from Guangzhou nearly 4 years ago. What bliss! Happy, happy Mother's Day, Joanna!

Marcy said...

Happy Mother's Day, My Sweet Friend!

Laila is precious and I am so happy to hear how well everything is going!

Be sure to eat at the Italian was the best in GZ!


Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day Joanna!!!!!

MCC 07 group

Melinda said...

Happy Mother's Day Joanna! What a memorable day it must have been!

Teresa =) said...

Love the pictures...she is obviously so much more comfortable with you guys, which is the best feeling in the world! Being in GZ means you are over halfway home.

Happy 1st Mother's Day!!

Teresa =)

Donna said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day to you!! You're having such a wonderful experience with Laila in China, I'm so happy for you. Sounds like she is doing SOOOO well! You and your husband are absolutely glowing :)

Amy & Jason said...

We BOTH got to have our "first Mother's Day" and like you I LOVED every minute of it!!
Let's SKYPE real soon!!!!!