Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Double ear infections!!!

Sorry folks, no pictures this time. I know, I know, but our baby is sick!!! She's been pulling at her ears, had lots of yellow snot and a little cough so we took her to the doctor they have here at the White Swan. He looked at her ears and said, yuck infection. So we have double ear infections!!! She's on an antibiotic we mix with an expectorant and benedryl as well as some ear drops. I've called our guide twice and asked her to double check with the doctor, it seems like alot of medicine we're giving her but they both assure me it's normal and will be fine. We've already given her the dose for tonight and besides being pissed that we had to hold her down to give her the medicine she's fine. Playing, laughing, acting like her normal self, she's so happy!! We're so happy we found it now instead of during one of the 3 plane trips coming up on Friday, that would've been BAD!!!! Anyway, we're going to try and get our little one to sleep, she's full of energy so wish us luck. If you feel so inclined, keep Laila in your prayers that she start to feel much better by our trip back home!!! Thanks and I promise to add pictures with the next post. Love, Scott, Joanna and Laila


Marcy said...

Poor Sweet Baby Girl!
Covering you all in prayers from Texas!

Kate said...

Our poor baby! so much for Chinese physicals. Give her hugs and kisses from us. I hope she feel better.

Karmen and Greg said...

Oh poor Laila -- I'm so sorry. I will pray that she recovers quickly and that the upcoming plane rides will be NO problem.


margaretg said...

Hugs from Mississippi!! Hope she feels much better by Friday and thinking 3 days on meds should just do it.


Rose Duhaime said...

Tod and I can't wait to meet her! I hope the ear infections clear up (The White Swan doctors found the exact same thing when we were there getting Angelina)

Teresa =) said...

Oh, my biggest fear...a sick kiddo in a strange land! I'm with you...I'd be worried about all that medicine in such a little girl! At least you're seeing improvement in her.

Praying for quick healing...and more pictures!!

Teresa =)

Sarah said...

Hope Laila feels better soon=)
Wishing you a peaceful and safe trip home to Colorado!

MCC 07 group