Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're back part 2!!

More pictures since Laila's been home. Above is mommy and Laila looking at a puzzle at the Children's Museum. She had a great time!!
Happy little girl!!! We love her so much, we are so blessed!!

Not sure what she's looking at but she sure is interested.

Nema and Papa with Laila at the park by our house. (Scott's parents) They came out the day before we got home and met their newest grandchild. We were so happy to see them!!

Laila loved the swing but we were afraid she would fall thru the leg hole!! She's so little!! My friend Jami sent me clothes from her daughter and Kate's gone thru all her stuff of Gabs for small sizes. Laila is wearing 6-9 month clothes and the smallest sizes I had was 12 month. Anything 12 month has to be safety pinned to stay on.

Here's Grandpa (my dad) with Laila. He's so excited to have Laila home. He's staying at our house alot, wants Laila to know him. He lives downtown, about a 20 minute drive, but has been staying with us since we got home. He went to his place for 2 nights and is back here spending time with Laila. She walks into the guest room (Grandpa's room now) and brings him toys, it's so cute to watch them together.

Kate and my MIL decorated our house for our return. I LOVED it!! It was so fun to come home to balloons, streamers, signs and other decorations!!!

More decorations!!

The sign posted over our garage so we saw it as soon as we got home. Thank you Kate and Norma, we love it!!!
Laila meeting her family. From the right is Scott's dad, our nephew Nick, Scott's mom, my dad, Laila and daddy. Kate made shirts that they all wore with our 1st family picture and it said Laila JeanneLi Van Gieson, Gotcha Day, May 4, 2009. It was a nice surprise and very touching.

Here's Laila checking out Papa and cousin Nick.

Laila and daddy heading down the concourse at DIA, heading for the train to meet our family. It was so nice to be home!!! Laila is doing so good. She's very loving, wants lots of hugs and kisses and will give them to us willingly. We are loving every second of our beautiful daughter, life couldn't be any better!!!


Our Journey to Leilah Grace said...

Welcome home sweet Laila!!! I am so happy for you and your family!! I have followed your journey for what seems like years. (Since Fall 2007??) We too were a CCAI WCP family until we switched to Heritage when we found our Leilah Di!
We are now DTC for her Mei-Mei with yet another agency! lol We hope to be traveling in the Fall.
Your Laila is beautiful, and so tiny! She is amazing.
Hugs to you and your sweet family,
Sheri W. (Leilah Di and Olivia Xia's Mommy)

Jami said...

It looks like she is settling right in! She is so happy! Hopefully she is sleeping a little better and getting adjusted to Colorado time.

Sarah said...

Such lovely photos Joanna. You look so happy and Laila looks so loved and contented.
Thrilled for your family.

Sarah www.soon2b6.blogspot.com

Amy & Jason said...

I LOVE the updated pictures and Laila!

Kay Bratt said...

Yep-- you are right. She's beautiful!

jayniemoon said...

Laila is so darling. So glad she's come to your family.
Kim gave me a link to your blog--know you are in our prayers!