Thursday, April 30, 2009

We made it to Beijing!!!!

Hi everyone. I know that's a strange picture to start out with but blogger isn't letting me move pictures around so this post probably won't make any sense. Sorry about that. If anyone knows how I can fix that or what I'm doing wrong, please let me know!! It's driving me crazy and I want to fix it!! Anyway, we made it to Beijing and the picture above is of our guide, Josh, here in Beijing. He's holding the sign with our name and another family traveling with us. We both arrived about the same time but on different flights. Another family arrived yesterday and the last family gets in tonight.
This picture was right above our baggage carousel. Tomorrow we're going to Tienemen Square and The Great Wall, I hope we also drive by the cube and bird's nest. I'd love to get some pictures of the Olympic venues.

This was after we got off the plane in Beijing, good thing it was also in English. We'd probably still be walking around the airport looking for baggage!!
Oh yeah!! Beijing here we come. We connected to our Beijing flight in San Francisco. We actually flew up over part of Alaska, the Bering Sea and Siberia. It was a 12 hour flight and never got dark, pretty strange.
Here's the daddy-to-be drinking a micro brew in San Fran waiting for our flight.

In Denver, our flight to San Francisco. Sorry this post started at the end and worked it's way back to the beginning. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon. Anyway, we are safe and sound, it's 7:20pm Thursday night here, we're 14 hours ahead of Denver. Scott is sacked out and I'm not far behind. We have a long day of touring tomorrow but should be alot of fun. Beijing is an amazing city. I will write more about it tomorrow when I have pictures to go along. It's hard to believe we are in the same country as Laila, I can almost feel her in my arms. We just need Monday morning to get here fast!! We want our girl!! Thanks for following our blog and we'll talk to you again soon!!!! Hugs from China!!!


reyfam1994 said...

Happy to see you guys are safe and sound on Chinese soil!
Good luck with everything and enjoy the sights!

(from MCC 07 yahoo group)

Heather Thompson said...

Congrats, you made it! Hope you enjoy everything in China!!!

Jen & Rob said...

Fantastic news. Am happy you all arrived safely. Now you can rest a bit more.
Oh how I can't wait to see you with that first child!
(MCC'07 group)

Melinda said...

Glad to see you made it safely to Beijing! I hope you enjoy every moment of your time in China!

(MCC 07 yahoo group)

Katie said...

Looking forward to seeing you with Laila! Enjoy your time in Beijing!

Marcy said...

So glad you made it safely...and REALLY glad you figured out how to blog! I can't wait for Sunday night my time! Hugs and prayers for you!
CCAIWCP yahoo group

Michele said...

Glad to hear you made it safely. Can't wait to see more pics, especially pics of Laila.

You should be able to cut & paste the pictures after you import them. Blogger is kind of a pain in this area, but I have been able to do that with my pictures.

Amy & Jason said...

EXCITING! Thanks for the update and I look forward to reading the rest.
Take lots of pixs!!!

Amy said...

Glad you're there safely! The trip will be a whirlwind! Please tell the CCAI guides (Barbara and Oscar in Beijing, Yisha and Evelyn in Zhengzhou, and Kathy and Jason in Guangzhou) "Ni Hao!" from Amy--An Xiao Xue's mommy (we have been home one month...(.

Hope all goes well! I wonder if Laila was in a Love Without Boudnaries cleft healing home? If so, they probably have lots of photos and info to share if you request it...(they can't come to you first)...