Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laila... Here we come!!!!!

It's officially official... we are leaving for China April 29th at 6am!!!! We arrive in Beijing China April 30th around 2pm, about 12 midnight in the states (on the 30th). We will tour Beijing May 1st and 2nd and fly to Henan on May 3rd. We will get Laila on Monday, May 4th, and will never let her go!!! We're not sure yet how long we will be in Henan before flying to Guangzhou but our Consulate appointment is May 12th and we take our oath May 13th. We could head home sometime after 3pm on May 14th but due to flights we will stay another night in Guangzhou and early the morning of May 15th we will fly from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to San Francisco to Denver!! Whooo, long day of flying but the longest flight is 10 hours and we have at least 3 hour layovers at every stop so Laila can expend some energy and hopefully sleep on the flights!! Our fingers are crossed. Our travel agency was able to secure us bulkhead seating so we should have a little bassinet/bed for Laila on the flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Please keep our family in your prayers, it's an amazing journey but we pray Laila will adjust well to Scott and I and will begin to bond with us. We already love this little girl so much but she has no idea what's about to happen, it's going to turn her world upside down. She's never seen people that look like us or speak like us and we just want her to feel our love for her and not be scared. I believe I'm beginning to nest, I want everything CLEAN!!!! It's driving me crazy, I'm cleaning and organizing everything!!! I've also been working on our China Packing List, boy that's a long list and we each only get 1 bag and it can't weigh more than 44 lbs!! Wish us luck!! I will post again prior to leaving and try to add some pictures of Laila's room, totally completed and adorable!! I hope she likes it!!


Ash said...

Oh WOW!!, how very wonderful. :o) I can not wait to follow your journey to Laila.
Blessings that the next few weeks go quickly... It is almost time!!!!!...
whoo'hooo. Happy Delivery!
;o)(wink, wink)
Thanks for sharing your joy,

Kate said...

I'm so excited. I'm glad that they fianlly got on the ball and have everthing completed. I guess they heard that I was waiting too and kicked it up a knotch. I'm already planning outings for us. I'll let you know about them at some point. :)

Great Aunt MJ said...

Wishing you a safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Will you be able to SKYPE while you are gone?