Thursday, April 23, 2009

The cutest nursery ever!!

Blogger is making me very mad right now!!! It won't let me move pictures around so this post is going to be a little different, sorry. I steam cleaned the carpet in Laila's room today and put the last few things in her room, we think it's very cute. For my birthday, my aunt got me one of those vinyl lettering kits. It says "Such a big miracle in such a little girl." I love it, it's so true, Laila is our miracle!! I love it right above the closet, I see it everytime I walk in her room and it makes me smile.
Last weekend Scott hung her curtains, they are a pink cotton/silk blend and look really nice against the lilac wall.

My sister-in-law and I hung the shelves last week. The white basket is full of CD's for her CD player on her dresser. The white paper on the dresser is our China packing list, can't believe we leave in 5 days!!!! Her toy box is FULL of toys. It's very cute, my niece Gabrielle will get a toy out of the toy box and tell me she's borrowing it from Laila and that Laila won't mind.

We just bought the rug, it's got little purple, pink, yellow and light green polka dots all over. It looks cute, we don't like the brown carpet we have so this covers some of it.

Here's her closet and as you can tell, she's not hurting for clothes!!! These are only the 12 and 18 month sizes, her closet was too full for the next size up. They are in boxes in the basement. Her dresser and changing table are also full, lots of retail therapy while waiting for 3 years!!! We can't wait to bring her home, I can just picture her sleeping in the crib and pulling toys out of the toy box. Ahhh, what an exciting time in our lives, we are so blessed!!!!


Melissa said...

Is this little girl going to be loved or what!?!? I love all the detail and thought you put into this precious little room for beautiful Laila.

I am so excited for all the joy your family will be blessed with.

Jen & Rob said...

Joanna I'm so thrilled for you and your families. You are right - Laila will be so loved, and you all are going to be fantastic parents. Am sharing in your excitement ... you all have waited so long for a child and it's FINALLY going to happen!

reyfam1994 said...

Oh, it's all so beautiful Joanna!
We too have the lettering saying the exact same thing! I love it and cannot wait to put it on Ruby Grace's wall...enjoy! So looking forward to following your trip to China =)

Norma said...

We are blessed too! Counting the days down and the days till we come to meet you and her at the airport.

We love her without even meeting her we have prayed for her for so long we already know her.

We are praying for your travel safety and that first wonderful meeting.

Mom and Dad

Jami said...

WOW!!!! It looks really good. And looks ready and waiting for her! You got everything ready now - the diaper pail, the laundry basket, all the little basket's organizing all her stuff! Now you just need her and will have her in a few short days!!!!! Wow I bet these last few weeks and days have seemed harder and longer than the last 3 years! I'm SO SO SO HAPPY for you guys that she is finally coming home!

Hope's Family said...

Joanna, Laila's room is beautiful!
You've done a great job, I can't wait until we get closer to Hope & start working on her room. Blessings to you all & I'll be praying for safe travel & Gotcha Day!


Amy & Jason said...

We can't wait to SKYPE with you guys while you are in travels.