Friday, April 3, 2009

LOA.... oh yeah!!!

That's right, those 3 magic letters and we heard them today!!! We will be in China in 5-8 weeks to get our daughter!!! I have to get the pictures developed of us signing our papers today that were then overnighted back to China so we can get travel apporval!!!! We may have our daughter by Mother's Day!!! Today was the best day ever!!!!! I will post more tomorrow when I get the pictures!!!!


Denise said...

Hurray!!!! You've waited so stinkin' long, thank goodness things are moving quickly now!

Norma said...

Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!

We can hardly wait to hold our granddaughter.

Grandma and Grandpa Van Gieson

Amy & Jason said...

Eleanor needed another cousin! We are all is very EXCITED!!!!!

Michael said...

You think this was the best day ever? Wait'll you walk through your front door with baby in tow! NOTHING beats that!

Chaplain Mike

Donna said...

Woo hoo!!!! Wow, did you expect it this quickly?? I'm so happy for you, and am waiting patiently (ahem) to watch your journey! Laila girl, here they come!

Mary said... are on your way to your sweet little PRINCESS! OMGosh. She really is just so lovely!
Congrats to you both. Savor every goes by so very quickly. :o)