Monday, March 16, 2009

Our first care package!!!

Hi everyone!!! We are thrilled that we could finally share our little beauty with all of you. Thank you so much for all the great messages, Laila is loved and cared about by so many!!! Today we sent off our care package to Laila!! I bought everything weeks ago, when we got our referral, but couldn't mail it until we got our PA and then I've been sick, so today was the day we sent our package so Laila knows she has a mommy and daddy who love her and are coming to get her, hopefully soon!!!
We sent a picture book, the plastic kind that little ones can chew on and it's pretty indestructible. Laila's picture is on the front so everyone knows who it belongs too. Inside is a picture of mommy, daddy, the dogs, her grandparents, her grandpa, her uncle and her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins.

We are also sending chocolates to the nannies as a thank you for taking such good care of our daughter. On the package it says for the nannies in both english and chinese.

We are also sending a digital camera. It was fairly cheap and we're hopeful they will take pictures and bring it along when we meet Laila. We'd love to have pictures from her orphanage to share with her when she's older.
We also sent 6 pairs of pants. 4 pair are of little leggings and sweatpants, 1 pair of pink cords and a pair of jeans.

We also sent 3 longsleeve shirts and a sweatshirt.
In some of the information we received from the orphanage it said Laila likes music so we also sent 2 toys that both play songs. One is a little book and the other one is more like a rattle and they both play music. We hope she likes them.

When my BFF Jami had her baby 2 years ago she gave us a little blue 1 piece heavy jumper that looks like a bear. It's really cute and warm!! She lives in Houston and never used it. It's too small for Laila but we know some little cuties can get some use out of it so we're sending it as well as a little pink hat. It's amazing how much you can fit in the flat rate shoebox size box from the post office!! Here it is all boxed up and ready to go!!!!Here's daddy in front of the post office sending a box off to our daughter. How exciting!!!!The post office man let me take a picture of him but I think he thought I was a little wacky. Oh well!!!And it's officially on it's way!!!! Hopefully 7-8 days and our sweet Laila will know she has a mommy and daddy on the other side of the world!!We love you Laila and hope to hold you, hug you and kiss you soon!!!!


Kate said...

Sorry I almost stole the picture book by accident. I can't wait for Laila to come home. I want to spoil her and give you some payback!

Jen & Rob said...

I can't believe you fit all that in that box!!! So exciting!!
Jenny G.

Donna said...

Joanna, I LOVE that you took pictures of the postal guy and your husband mailing it! Enjoy this sweet time, Joanna, the waiting is SOOOOOOOO much easier on this side :)

Finebunch said...

We are so in love with this precious little one. My children are so excited to know they will be related to little Laila. Savannah said, "Hurray Hurray Hurray". How neat you get to send all that love in a box! May she feel the love that she will have for the rest of her life. God is so good! The Fine Family

Amy & Jason said...

What a great story and great pixs too! I can't wait to see the pictures of when y'all go to get her (very very soon).