Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy's baby shower

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for checking back and just in time to see Scott's haul from his daddy baby shower. His co-workers had a great party for him today. He wore a blinking pacifier all day, wish I could've seen that. They brought in donuts for breakfast and for lunch they brought in queso, salsa, chips, sandwiches and lots of other munchies. They were all VERY generous and we can't thank them enough. They have really started Laila out with some great things. Take a look!!!
We registered for 2 car seats, one for each car, and they got us one of the car seats!! There's also some strap pad things so the straps don't dig into her shoulders and a little pink toy that you pull and it shakes. Pretty cute!!
Here's Scott with one of his favorite presents... a bib that says "I love daddy." How sweet!!
Here are the "bath" presents. There's a cute giraffe robe, 6 wash cloths, a ladybug pod (it scoops up all the bath toys and hangs on the wall), there's also the bedtime bath basket (bath soap, lotion, blanket, and the book Good Night Moon), and there's also the little yellow duck which fits over the bath faucet and makes bubbles to go into the bubble bath!!!
Here we have our "food" presents. We got a package of plates, a formula storage container that portions the right amount of formula for a bottle, bottle brushes and a really cool snack container that has a twisty type lid that Laila can put her hand in and get snacks but if she drops it, or when she drops it, nothing comes out. How cool!!

Here we have our "toys". We got another Good Night Book, a sassy baby photo album, a teething ring and a vtech toy that you push the top and it spins, lights up and plays music!! We love them all and so will Laila!!!Here we have our "adorable clothes". We got a beautiful Laura Ashley dress with cute little pink bloomers for underneath. We got a white top with little pink embroidered flowers and matching pink shorts. We also got 2 dresses with long sleeve white shirts and in 2 different sizes so she can always wear one!!! Genius!! Then we got 2 really cute little short/shirt outfits, blue and white with hearts and flowers and white shorts and then a coral shirt with a rainbow and khaki shorts. Adorable!!! We also got lots of barettes and 2 blankets!!!! Then there were the gift cards... $145 to Target!!!! Thank you so much everyone!!! You all were so generous and we appreciate everything!!! Thank you for making Scott aka daddy feel so special. You all are the best!!!!


Natalie said...

Hi Joanna and Scott! I met Scott at Church this past Sunday. Our girls are from China too. I cannot wait to see your little beauty! Congratulations. I'll pray for a speedy TA.

Amy & Jason said...

Looks like little miss got some great "loot." Also, the book, Good Night Moon is the only childrens book (that I know of) that has ALL the phonic sounds in it? It's a GREAT one to read over and over.

Kate said...

It was so awesome of Scott's coworkers to make him feel so special and be so generous! It's always amazing and touching how giving people are.

Jami said...

I love that snack cup - greatest invention ever! I can't wait to meet her!

Anna said...

Love it all! Girls are so fun to shop for and you guys got some great stuff...very nice for daddy to have his own shower! Thanks for keeping us all are great at this blog thing!

Jaime said...

What a blessing!

Teresa =) said...

OMG...I am SO behind on reading my Yahoo e-mails! I thought I had read that you guys got a referral (she's so beautiful!!) and I just caught Meggie reading your blog! I didn't even know you HAD a blog!!!!

I have some catch-up reading to do, for sure! Congrats on your referral!!

Teresa =)

Donna said...

That's a daddy-load of presents!! I know you had a blast, going over everyone and imagining Laila playing with/wearing them. :)

Great Aunt MJ said...

I finally made it onto your site! Wow! Never toooooo old to learn. Loved all the gifts. Scott's coworkers certainly know him (what's not to love) People were very generous. Congratulations. Just can't wait to meet her. Thanks for sharing "the loot". Love, Great Aunt MJ

Alyson and Ford said...

You got some great gifts! Have fun shopping at Target! Such cute clothes and good pricing too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Six Months