Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sorry it's been sooooo long!!!

Sorry it's been so long since I blogged!! I do enjoy sharing with you all what's going on in our life but it seems like life gets so busy it's hard to keep up with the blogging, so my apologies. We're doing great!! Still waiting on our referral for Laila, almost 14 months of waiting, but I really feel like it could be soon!!
We had a great Christmas. Kate and Guy hosted Christmas at their house this year so we had Scott, myself, my dad, Scott's parents and Darren, Scott's brother. Of course there was Kate, Guy, Nick and Gabs as well as Guy's parents, Nancy and Ken. It was nice to all be together. I didn't take many pictures but I do have this one...
Gabs and Santa, she was really excited to see him.

Here's Nick and his Uncle Darren, I love this picture!!

Jump ahead to last week, Scott and I went to Houston to visit our good friends Jami and Nathan and their little cutie Gabbi. Jami and I grew up in Boulder together and Scott and Nathan have become good friends, bonding over good cigars and good beer. We arrived late on Thursday, visited a little bit and went to bed. Jami and Nathan both had to work Friday so Scott and I went down to Galveston.

It was sunny and very peaceful. We also saw alot of destruction from the hurricane last September. These used to be full palm trees. They are basically stripped of their branches with alot either broken off or really leaning to the side.

This is a little house that someone vacated and never returned too. If you look carefully you will see a bed and TV (the black box next to the bed on the left). It was eye-opening to see and imagine the fear the residents felt and then to never return to their life.
We also saw some people surfing... it's February!!! Shouldn't they be skiing???

On Saturday Jami, Nathan, Scott and I went to St. Arnold's brewery in Houston. They make some really good beers and it's free for 2 1/2 hours!! It was packed and everyone brings lunches and drinks beer. We had alot of fun!! Then Jami made us Indian food for dinner, that was yummy. I had no idea how much work goes into making Indian food!!! Here's Miss Gabbi and I wearing our shades, she's so sweet!!

Sunday morning Jami, Gabbi, Scott and I went to Empire Cafe and met my cousin Anna, her husband Bret and their 2 little girls, Maddie and Libby, for breakfast. We wish we could spend more time together, we really enjoy them!! Maddie, Libby and Gabbi became fast friends and played and colored together while the adults all visited.

It was hard to get a picture of all 3 girls looking at the camera, here's the best I got. That's Libby in the black with the white hair bow, Maddie with the bandana on and Gabbi holding the crayons. Anna and her family as well as her parents, her brother and his family and her sister and her family come to Colorado every summer and go camping for about 2 weeks. We hope they make it again this year so we can see everyone and hopefully we will have Laila and she can play with all her cousins who have been anxiously waiting for her. Oh yeah, it was so sweet... Maddie was walking me outside to see her mom (the others were inside ordering) and Maddie asked me when we're getting Laila. She told me she can't wait and she asks her mom all the time when we're going to China and getting Laila. I love that people are waiting for Laila and loving Laila and praying for Laila... we hope to have Laila soon and can't wait to share her with all of you!!


Donna said...

I'm waiting for Laila!! Can't WAIT for your eventual announcement!

Amy & Jason said...

Cute to see Maddie and Libby on your kind of snuck up on me.
We can't wait to hear MORE good news!!!!!
Sending y'all TEXAS size prayers.