Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We did!! We went to Wichita, Kansas to visit Scott's parents, grandma, brother and my aunt, uncle and cousins, lots of family in Wichita!! We also gave Scott's mom her birthday presents. Her birthday is the middle of December and they are coming out for Christmas so we decided to save her from bringing even more home after Christmas and give birthday presents now. She got a waffle maker from us and Kate's family and Scott and I got her the pretty fall cross with a bible verse on it. I think she liked her gifts.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Scott's parents house and it was YUMMY!!! It was so nice to all be together and to know that it's our last Thanksgiving without Laila was exciting.

Gabs enjoying her roll.

Nick making his plate of yummy goodness. Here's grandma, it's always nice to see her. She doesn't make it to Colorado anymore so we enjoy spending time with her when we're back in Wichita. This is Darren, Scott's brother. He travels alot for work so we're really glad he was home for the holiday and he will be here for Christmas also!! We love Darren!!Here's my dad, I just thought this was such a nice picture of him!

Here's my dad, Darren and Scott's dad after Thanksgiving dinner watching football. We also saw my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Rich and Mike and Melissa, my cousins. I took a picture of Rich but it didn't turn out good and I didn't think he'd appreciate it on my blog. I never got a picture of Melissa, she was working when I had the camera but I did get pictures of Lisa and Mike and here they are...

The first picture is Lisa and Mike, Lisa is my mom's youngest sister, the other sister is my Aunt Jo who lives in KC. When I was 21 I moved to Wichita to go to school and spent ALOT of time with Lisa and her family. It was fun, I really got to watch Mike and Melissa grow up and I met Scott. The 2nd picture is Scott, me and Mike. For those of you who know Mike, yes he's a big guy, yes that's facial hair, yes he's taller than me and yes he's almost 20!!!! I can't believe it!! I wish I had pictures of Melissa, she's beautiful!!! It just isn't right that they grow up so fast, that means I'm getting old!! Nothing new on the baby front. We did request a file off our agency's website. Basically it's a little girl who didn't match anyone's medical conditions checklist, including ours. We saw her on the website and though she was a little girl that we could parent. Unfortunately alot of others thought the same thing and we have been added to the list of interested families. We would love the opportunity to look at her file, I've already talked to our pediatrician, but if we don't get the chance that's also good news because that means she has a family which is the ultimate goal. We know our Laila is out there somewhere, we're just waiting for her to find us. We will let you know, we pray it will be soon!! What a great Christmas gift that would be.


Jami said...

Holy cow!!! That cannot be Mike!!!! When did he grow up?

Mountain Mama said...

Awesome pictures! Always fun to see the VanGieson family.

Looks like you had a very nice Thanksgiving.