Monday, November 3, 2008

What's been happenin'

Hello!! We're all doing great!! We are officially within the normal wait time for a referral!! The average wait is 10-12 months and we passed the 10 month mark on October 17th. My cell phone is never far away, the call could come at any time. I don't expect it for at least another month but you never know!! Other than that, Kate and Guy had a halloween party the weekend before halloween.
This is my pumpkin, the puking pumpkin. I thought it was fun.
Here's Scott in his costume, it was one of the inflatable costumes and he was a bull rider!! Gabrielle thought it was great and liked to take Uncle Scott's cow for walks.
Nick was a Storm Trooper.

One of the games we played was the mummy wrap. Here's Gabrielle getting wrapped up by a friend. Gabrielle was dressed up as a ladybug.
Another game was the Monster Mash where we played halloween songs and the kids had to dance around. They all had a great time!! This past weekend we went to Boulder so Scott could do his glider ride, it was his anniversary present. Here's Scott getting the scoop from his pilot.

Scott did have a pilot behind him for the entire ride. They got towed up about 12,000 feet and then released. They went over the mountains and flew all over Boulder for about an hour. He had a great time. Here's Kate, my dad and Nick watching and waiting for Scott. They were very busy, lots of planes and gliders to watch. This was just a cute picture, Nick is such a sweetie!! And then here's Gabs. She's potty training and wanted to take her book with her, too funny!!Will try to post again soon!! Hope you all are well.


Mountain Mama said...

Oh, I hope "that" phone call comes soon.

Amy & Jason said...

I LOVE all the Halloween pictures.
Thanks for keeping us all in the loop with this blog.