Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Los Angeles for surgery

Hi everyone,
We got to LA this morning with no problems. Scott, my dad, Scott's parents and of course Laila and I are all here. It's been a long day of waiting around doing alot of nothing!! There was a shooting about 2 blocks away so the entire hospital has been on lock down for the last 4 hours. They can't admit us yet because no patients can leave to free up any beds. They said they would be able to give everyone a place to stay tonight if we don't get off lock down. There's been 2 helicopters flying over the hospital for hours, police at every corner and walking all around and crime scene tape all over. Welcome to LA!!! We did find out our surgeon has decided to do Laila's lip and work on her nose, estimated surgery time of 2.5 hours. She's scheduled at 7am. Scott is staying with her tonight although it looks like we all may be staying. I just hope our surgeon can get in tomorrow morning!! I'm feeling a little better about her surgery, it's still scary and I'm nervous but I know she will be fine. I'm hopeful they will let me go with her to the OR, haven't been able to ask that yet. She's having fun running around here like crazy and playing with her grandparents. They do have wireless internet here but only in the main common area, not where we will be tomorrow. I will update again tomorrow, just not sure when. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love!!! Talk to you soon!!


Kim said...

Hugs and Kisses!

Kate said...

Man I love her. Give her hugs and kisses from me!

Amy said...

Thinking & praying for all of you this morning!!!!