Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home sweet home!!

We got home late last night and Laila is doing really good. She will sometimes accidentally touch or rub her nose and start to cry, I wish I could take her pain for her!! When the doctor took down her old repair he basically cut some of that out so her mouth is smaller and her little fork barely fits so she's only eating with her hands now and tiny bites. We had to start using a bottle again to get her to drink. Her sippy cup's spout wasn't quite long enough, the top of the cup would push against her nose. It wasn't hard to get her off the bottle a few months ago so I think this will be the same, just gotta make sure she stays hydrated. She has arm splints that keep her arms straight so when she sleeps she doesn't accidentally hurt herself. She's such a trooper, she sees me get them off her dresser and she will stick out an arm, when I get them on one arm she sticks out the other arm. She's the best and I love, love, love this little girl!! Shriner's Hospital is amazing!!! Everyone is so friendly and nice. We really felt like Laila got the best care possible. Our surgeon is wonderful!! He stayed in her post-op room for a long time answering all of our questions, we never felt rushed. He's even more sought after for his expertise than we thought, we are so fortunate to have a surgeon like him take care of our little one. We've always seen her as the most beautiful little girl in the world and I've never understood how you can make perfection better but he somehow has. Thank you all for your prayers and love for Laila and our family!!! I will post pictures soon!! XOXOXO Scott, Joanna and Laila


Denise said...

So glad to hear that all went well and you are back home!

Tod said...

Welcome back home. Best wishes for speedy and total recovery for Laila!
Lots of Love

Marcy said...

welcome home, joanna! i am so glad that laila is doing well. your post made me cry....she is perfectly made! please keep us posted on her healing! oxox

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!