Friday, October 17, 2008

Sorry it's been awhile!!

Wow!!! It's been quite awhile since I last blogged!! It's been busy around here!! The end of September was Nick's birthday, he turned 10!!! I can't believe it!! His grandma and grandpa (Scott's parents) came out from Kansas to celebrate with him. Here are the proud grandparents. His birthday party was at Dave & Buster's where we all had lunch and played games. Here's Nick (in the middle) with his friends Taylor, Ravshon and Angel. After Dave & Buster's we went back to Nick's house where we had a pinata in the backyard. It was a fun day. While grandma and grandpa were here they all went up in the mountains to see the leaves change. I had to work so wasn't able to join them. They also went thru Estes Park where there were alot of elk. Today at school Nick had a Veteran's Day Parade. It was very nice, they had some retired veterans as well as some current service men and women. The kids sang songs, had chants/cheers, made signs and wore hats. Here's Nick in his Veteran's Day hat. When Nick got out of school we went to Anderson Farms to get our pumpkins for halloween. We had a great time!! We went in the corn maze, fed the longhorn cows (I think they are cows??), went thru a hay maze, rode in little cars pulled by the big tractor, ate funnel cakes, pet llamas, sheep and bunnies. It was alot of fun!! Here are some pictures. Nick had just made it thru the hay maze, obviously proud of himself. Gabs and her daddy in the buggy. Doesn't Guy look comfy!! Those things are little!!Here' Nick wondering if I'm gonna continue to throw corn at him... and the answer was yep and you'd better run!!Cute shot of the 2 of them in the corn maze. Here's Nick feeding the longhorn cow thing... :)

Nick and Gabs with the pumpkins. We're looking forward to next year with Laila!! It's really exciting to know that she WILL be with us this time next year!!

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